About Kantara Ku

Our Rain Forest Vacation Rental

Since 2009, Kantara Ku has been welcoming guests to an idyllic and undisturbed ecosystem surrounded by mountain views during the day and star filled night skies that can be enjoyed as you cool off in the pool. At Kantara Ku, we seek to indulge our guests with the very essence of Belize. The sounds of hundreds of species of birds exclusive to this part of the world, plus other animals, exotic plants, flowers and orchids makes time stand still. Of course it includes all the modern amenities for a comfortable and relaxing stay. We will give your family, your organization, your friends, or just you a much-needed, one of a kind vacation. We are an all-weather vacation destination, or corporate event location, with a variety of flora and fauna to keep you enthralled throughout your stay. We have large open spaces as well as trails to roam through the jungle, to the nearby Sibun River where you can fish, swim, canoe or kayak. There are Palapa covered patios to lounge or meet under, that are surrounded by local flower gardens and medicinal plants used by local shamans.